General Maintenance

APM Tuned is a premiere choice for performance upgrades which means we are over qualified for General Maintenance / Factory Scheduled Maintenance. We stock fluids for every application ranging from conventional blends for your grocery getter all the way to synthetic/racing blends for high horsepower and track use applications.

Custom Fabrication

Anything from design to development to implementation, APM Tuned can help bring your ideas and dreams to fruition. We do not try to re-invent the wheel, but when we feel there is a lack in options we utilize our capable staff of engineers, fabricators, and technicians alike to design, develop, test, and implement solutions. From roll cages to upgrades on factory components that are known weak points, we at APM Tuned are here to work with you to make sure you and your vehicle are where you want it to be.

Project Builds

We are familiar with the struggles of doing a Project Build and we want to help you avoid the headaches, heartaches, and financial woes associated with doing unique and custom builds. We have the tools, techs, and the know how to get the job done right the first time so let us help you bring your build to life.


APM Tuned knows that the last piece of the puzzle is usually the most important and with cars it comes down to properly calibrating for the modifications you've made. Our in-house Master Calibrator is more than capable in such platforms as Cobb, Open Source, Plug and Play, and Stand Alone EMS systems. If you have a question whether your engine management solution is one that we support, or if you want to run a mod list by us, please contact us directly and we will be happy to help.  

Alignment & Suspension Setup

One of the most important aspects of your vehicle is the suspension; this is true for both racing and daily commuting. Something as simple as your alignment being off and causing accelerated or uneven tire wear to wheel bearing causing hub failure and even potentially causing a wheel to lock up.

Motor Builds & Swaps

Whether it be upgrading to a new power platform or the unfortunate circumstance of replacing a failed motor, APM Tuned is in your corner. We understand there are usually constraints to building or replacing your motor;  be they finance, time, availability of components, or whatever we will work with you to find the solution that works best with all the variables in the equation.
Lamborghini 2016 Aventador LP700 on our alignment rack getting it's exhaust replaced with a brand new aftermarket one before going on the dyno
Black Jeep Trackhawk lowered utilizing our custom installed air suspension parked outside of our Villa Park location
Interior shot of an STi equipped with Takata racing harness, Royal Steering Wheel, Boost and Oil Gauge
Silver Mitsubishi Evo with gold wheels and red brembo brakes sitting on our alignment rack