Subaru WRX STi Engine Removal Behind The Scenes Motor Shortblock Ej257 EJ

Subaru WRX/STi Engine Removal – Behind The Scenes

Today’s engine replacement will be performed on a customer’s 2013 WRX. He brought the car in when it started making “clanking” noises. He thought that a simple clutch replacement was in order, but to us, the sound screamed “Engine Failure!”. Particularly Rod Bearing failure/slippage. Let’s take a quick peek at what an engine replacement procedure actually looks like behind the scenes. Chris, APM’s Master Mechanic, will be the technician doing the procedure.

First things first, we start prepping the engine bay for removal, and drain the oil.

Then comes coolant.

Unplugging all the harness connections, coolant hoses, A/C hoses, etc.

Removing exhaust components and loosening engine mount bolts.

Oops, often these engine mount nuts are over-torqued. This one required a little air-hammer action to get it loose. The replacement nut will be brand-new, along with any other nuts or bolts that fall below our requirements for re-installation (Damaged thread, any damaged faces of the nut, extensive rust, etc.)

Next up, the radiator, alternator, starter, and a couple of other components are going to be removed.

Before removing the motor, our technician caps all coolant hose/line openings to prevent spills and contamination. He bolts down the chains to the motor, and prepares for removal by setting up the engine hoist.

It’s out! Now comes the flywheel/clutch assembly.

The timing belt gets removed, as well as the sprockets.

All remaining coolant is drained.

The technician strips apart the remaining components, including the cylinder heads, which contain the camshafts and valves in this Dual Overhead Cam system.

With the Cylinder Head removed, we are exposed to the short block and pistons. Everything looks to be in one piece here, with a bit of carbon build-up.

Finally we remove the oil pan, to expose the real damage.

Gnarly bits of Rod Bearing Material scattered all over the bottom of the Oil Pan.

The brand-new and shiny EJ Short-Block will be the foundation for this Long-Block.

Here at APM, with any motor replacement, we offer a complimentary engine bay cleaning service, gratis!

With the new long-block together, we install a new clutch plate, resurface the old flywheel, and begin prep for re-installation. Here the technician is seen installing a new clutch-release/throw-out bearing.

And in the rebuilt motor goes!

Time to get “Rally” back on the road. Don’t forget, with new internal components, especially an entire short-block, it’s always a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s break-in procedure before you get lead-foot syndrome!